Cryogenic Man

by The Connoisseur

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Cryogenic Man is the debut EP from London-based Progressive Rock band The Connoisseur.


released April 11, 2017

Ashley Blasse - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Billy Brown - Drums, Percussion
Hannah Peters - Soprano Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone
Jamie Ewing - Keyboard and Organ
Karl Lutchmayer - Piano, Keyboard, Theremin, Xylophone, Synthesiser, Whispering
Kieran Burling - Violin, Accordion, Synthesiser, Whispering, Discount Time Sample, Additional Drums, Additional Electric Guitar, Percussion, Synth and Sample Programming
Will Howarth - Bass Guitar, Vocals, Percussion

Produced by Andy Ramsay and The Connoisseur, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Andy Ramsay at Press Play Studio, Additional Recording and Digital Editing by Kieran Burling, Artwork by Jessica Chiba

Additional sample sourced from the freesound project under the creative commons attribution license: ‘kicking an empty 20 oz beer can.aif’ by Tomlija ( Bonus track ‘Three Heads Are Better Than One’ also features Ali Frew, Christian Leovido, Jack Pennifold, Maya Austin, Piero Di Stefano, PJ Bennett, Sophie Shenton, and Beatriz Carbonell. Recorded by Jack Pennifold and Kieran Burling. Additional recordings by Adrian Shenton. Mixed by Kieran Burling. Mastered by Billy Brown.



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The Connoisseur London, UK

We live in an age of tyranny!
Music is under attack, and for too long, no-one has been fighting back.
Enter The Connoisseur!

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Track Name: Cryogenic Man
I am the Cryogenic Man
Everyone I've ever known is dead

waking up
coming to
coming back
pulling through
see the light
come alive
don't you know the future was a long long time ago

The world of the past contained nothing for me, so I left it all behind
I always felt that the world was unfair, I only hope the future's more kind

But there's only one universe
Don't forsake what you've got it could be worse
I don't suggest that you just give up without a fight
Confront your problems or they'll ruin your life

I was awakened by the beginning of time

In the city night, the planet fights, the sun to stay alive
Everybody's beautiful, evolution saw to that
But everybody feels the same, computer generated love
All the raw emotions, are filtered out of the mind
They've taken pain, they've taken fear, they've taken envy and greed
They've even taken the hope and the desire that every human needs

I get the feeling I do not belong
So much has changed in all of these years
Now I start to think the past wasn't really so bad
What if I had just persevered

But there's only one universe
Don't forsake what you've got it could be worse
I don't suggest that you just give up without a fight
Confront your problems or they'll ruin your life
You know I'm right

Sick of all the listlessness and emotional monotony
I long for the past that I took for granted, In spite of what it did to me
Luckily the future has a simple solution, you can time travel anywhere
Although the people never use this facility, they are too apathetic to care
I'm ushered into the time capsule, nothing seems to happen at first
But suddenly, history flashes before me, spinning past my eyes in reverse

coming back
proven wrong
to a time
when I belong
I was ungrateful
couldn't see
the blessing life
had given me
don't you know the future is whatever you would like it to be
Track Name: Homunculus

Floats in his jar
Will he be born
To see the world
Beyond the glass
He would escape
With half a chance

With fifteen toes
An alien
But does he know
He's a prisoner
In Roswell
New Mexico

Can hear
The frequency
Classic FM
To his dismay
He finds
There is no way
To switch it
Track Name: Worlds Unknown
Ancient people of the stars
Left us clues
In crafted stone
Those of us who see
Will journey on
To worlds unknown

Worlds unknown
Worlds unknown

Those of us who see
Will journey on
To worlds unknown

Frozen in time
In suspended animation
Floating for years
In a cordial of cryonic lime

Is born at last
Surrounded by broken glass
Has broken free
Into the air
He cannot breathe
Track Name: Three Heads Are Better Than One (Bonus Track)
Three heads are better than one
The Connoisseur Super Lightweight pick-up has three interchangeable
heads each fitted with an easily replaceable armature system
complete with a semi-permanent sapphire. Downward
pressure 8-10 grams for standard recordings
and 4-6 grams for microgroove recordings
Green spot with .001" radius sapphire
for Microgroove recordings
Red spot with .0025" radius for modern standard
Yellow spot with .003" for older standard